Fall Asleep Tsunade

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After a pleasant supper, Naruto popped in Tsunade's room to say a quick thanks before heading to his bed. And of course he couldn't resist to fuck hard his dead asleep auntie once again :-)

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Sonic bro just say because it's a game don't worry about the ethics too much, this is obviously a depiction of non-consent/rape and incest this is a fact, of course it's not happening to real peps but that doesn't change what's happening in-game. People can have opinions and express them about such things like this, the game can range from I've lost faith in humanity to this is the sheet dude for a lot of people and we should respect that. Personally I just have a morbid curiosity and I get depressed after watching stuff like this, it's by no means a bad game but the premise is pretty fucked up and deviates from the characters own Morales, but of course that's not why this game was made it's here to rub your dick to it and I get that.

Dude this is so bad why............?

This is just tedious and mind numbing

I don't care what anyone has to say this isn't rape so stf to anyone to anyone that thinks this. Lovely game. Btw, It doesn't matter if naruto and Tsunade are related or not its just a game. clam the fuck down.

This id pretty good, but the double boob rub sequence is unappealing. Still a good job though.

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3.61 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2014
1:07 PM EST
Simulation - Dating