Beat: The Game

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This is a rhythm game inspired by many Bemani-Style games and Super Hexagon. You have to press the right buttons according to the beats.

Controls (Gamepad should work, best with X360):
Menu Controls: Arrow Keys / Left Stick
Game Controls: Arrow Keys / A,B,X,Y
Exit: Escape / Start
Random Song in Title Screen: Tab / Select

PC Download (with custom music support): http://dark-link.info/games/BeatTheGame.zip

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Looks very good, but sometimes it is hard to tell when the arcs reach the inner circle.
Is there any reason the arcs aren't pointing directly left/right/up/down? It gets confusing at times.
On a keyboard (or at least mine), key inputs are done sequentially. For two at a time, there is enough time to still perfect, but a four-at-a-time is a guaranteed miss.

Nice work. For once, a look into the pending submissions on the portal actually don't disappoint.

I like your concept, its like a cross between DDR and Simon Says. Simple graphics are sufficient for this purpose. You also found some very enjoyable tracks to play to. I do feel that the rings that span two or more colors are a little off. When you press two colors simultaneously it feels like they never happen together. If this was smoother the game would feel better. Also a rating system other than just points would be appreciated. Something like a letter grade, or comments would be welcome.

The Idea is pretty old, but the game is well made. good jab

Alright in concept, I just want to share a few things that need improved on. I've only played the first level marked as Easy and don't find the game motivating to keep playing. Here's why:

1) The hollow thud-like sound when I press the keys interferes with the sound of the music. It doesn't match any pitch in the song at all, so I feel like I'm banging a kid's toy drum over a much better song and ruining it.

2) The key controls worked just fine, however, the full-ring where you need to press up-left-down-right all at once doesn't register on my keyboard. I'm sure this is a hardware issue because I don't have an anti-ghosting keyboard (I believe is the term). It is still something to consider in design if too many keys are expected to be pressed at one time. Game-pad support is only a limited solution.

I don't know much games like this ... but its pretty good ... but watch at the game that when you play gm115 or something like that, at a right moment the bars aren't coming anymore and u have to wait till its done, which it appears like a waste of time for me . But the game itself ain't that bad , just keep it up

WiiPlayer2 responds:

oh thanks. it seems i forgot to add the newer version of the map.

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3.55 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2014
10:31 AM EST