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Dragon Heritage: Demo

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Final Score
1. Codezxd 1,470
2. Dranoel92 1,380
3. Cloud-Strife144 1,370
4. AmbroseNC 1,370
5. Waflz4Lif 1,370
6. elKrys 1,370
7. KillerAtlas21 1,360
8. Giovannimx 1,360
9. Lukeivan25 1,360
10. Reflectionist 1,360
11. Kyohio 1,360
12. Granceeno 1,360
13. DragRush 1,360
14. Mascetti 1,360
15. Alexil 1,350
16. Twin202 1,350
17. zecalla 1,350
18. GPMonkey 1,350
19. Jimmy515 1,350
20. Ace82 1,350

Author Comments

Here's a playable teaser for the upcoming Dragon Heritage games. Please enjoy.

In reviews, please leave feedback regarding:
-how the controls feel
-text speed
-voice acting (volunteers?)

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Short, but not a bad demo! The power-ups shine with their lack-of-presence, but everything else seems to be working well. Nice how the background's mirrored too, so it's like an endless stream of foliage behind you. Nice scenery too. Hoping for a grand adventure when this gets done... if it's still a plan?


It was interesting...but I would like to see how yaoi fits into this X"D

Through the demo the controls were great, simple. The playability was good, I think the speed of the shots from enemies were to quick for them to be firing off screen though. The text speed was fine, I can't wait to see the final release!

this was amazing. great work. can't wait to see the full game.

It was alright.

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2014
4:30 PM EST