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Black Friday!

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It's Black Friday New Grounds! >:-O Thanks for watching. DEATH!! If any of yous are in Brooklyn Dec 12th come out to our very special Fireballs holiday concert in Brooklyn! >:-O @Trash Bar.

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You know that that is fuck*ng shit is true. Not only for USA. Holla the woodfary!
Anyway, you need to improve quality next time.

i support this as much as brotherman bill.

fireballs rocks!

threebrain responds:

Thanks! >:-D

Funny, but factually it's a complete facade. It's not like Walmart is any worse than the typical store when it comes to buying stuff from China or "sponsoring bombs." Always good to get a conversation going so people realize just where their money is going... Like to kick around Muslims, or that the average family on welfare gets 60k a year.

threebrain responds:

Not sure you are using facade correctly, but thanks! Cyberdevil gets it.

Man that was hardcore! :D And the lyrics aren't just catchy, they speak the truth, they tell the shady tale of how an ever increasing consumptional craze steers the world today and indirectly funds the war on terror. Music's even greater with that incredibly intense experience on the guy on fire too. Hope there'll be more like this! Not too long, not too complicated, but still awesome.


threebrain responds:

Spot on, player! >:-D