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RCS3027 was created in 72 hours for Gamejolt.com's Indies vs PewDiePie jam. It's a kind-sorta-sequel to Room Cleaning Simulator 2014, but with more robots, garbage spheres, and space worms.

If you enjoyed the game, you can vote for it here (and also download the desktop version of the game and play it in glorious 1080p):

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When you disabled gravity, you disabled the fun. :\

OK, I think I got it: Each ball has different settings (?)
1) 1st ball is 'normal'.
2) the guy has less gravity (1st time, the guy falls so slowly that I didn't notice he was falling at all. I thought it was a bug and reloaded the page. It's kinda confusing to get this as the 2nd stage while trying to discover what the game is.)
3) more gravity? the guy doesn't tip over.
4) the camera view is viewed from the guy (tricky, I was facing a wall and saw all grey. Again I thought it was a bug)
5) guy becomes like a rocket. (I fell outside the game view but somehow managed to comeback and... I wonder if it's normal to fall outside like that?)
6) idk...maybe space worms shaped like clouds? I got lost in space & time 2x, and I really don't feel like re-starting from 0 a 3rd time to try find out what those black things were... Couldn't we just restart that level plz? ^^'

Personally I found this interesting but it felt more like an experiment then a game.
imo, a restart button, a level select and some explications or somthing... just so we know what's normal and that it's not a bug would be nice. ^^'

A cute looking game idea but with very poorly designed controls that make the game tedious instead of entertaining. I did manage to get 1 garbage ball into the void-thing. After that, the "character" began floating upwards as it moved until I was stuck about middle of the space between floor and assumed invisible ceiling. I could not hear the voice clearly that was speaking, so I have no idea if there was a hint as to why the controls went from bad to impossible. The wobbly, wall-hugging movements made the first garbage ball very hard to get off the wall and into the middle space.

Improve the controls before any other aspect of this game. Then I could see it going forward to be a fun idea.

lokijki responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

The controls were intended to a bit unwieldy, but I agree that I probably overdid it; a pretty common issue I have when designing games is forgetting that most people are going to have a harder time with it than I would. By the end of making this I had nailed down getting the ball in on every mode (even the super crazy infuriating ones after the ones you tried :P), but for most people who did not make the game it's probably a lot more frustrating.

But yeah, I'm gonna leave it as is for the duration of the contest voting (as is da rules), but I may go in tweak it a bit later on. Again, some wonkiness was intended (the jam was to make a game for Youtubers, and they're into that kinda stuff), and if you aren't into that, you aren't into that, but I could definitely tone it down a bit.

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Nov 27, 2014
12:53 AM EST
Simulation - Other