AI Vendetta

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Collect 10 Power Ups 5 Points

Collect 10 power ups in total

Destroy 2500 Blocks 5 Points

Destroy 2500 blocks in total

Fire 10000 Shots 5 Points

Fire 10000 shots in total

Play Half an Hour 5 Points

Play for half an hour

Complete Both Bonus Levels 10 Points

Complete both bonus levels without dying

Kill All Bosses 25 Points

Kill all three bosses and complete the game

Perfection 50 Points

Earn three stars on every level

Author Comments

Take on the AI Droids in the brand new take on a classic arcade genre. Destroy the scenery and score huge combos by dropping sections on to the alien droids below.


- Classic gameplay
- Big boss battles
- Medal System - can you get 3 stars on every level?
- Power ups
- 2 player mode. Player 2 uses the mouse, player 1 is on keys
- Configurable keys and performance options for people with non-QWERTY keyboards or older computers
- Maximum destruction
- Retro soundtrack

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I don't know why this game just got 3 stars. It is awesome and perfectly made.

nice little side scroll shooter. smooth graphics and great use of physics. unfortunately couldn't get passed the bonus stage after the first 2 levels. got to the end 'congrats...extra life' and it didn't progress after that point. just a little something to fix but a fun, well made game non the less.

Wow! Physics is a great boost to this game genre. I liked the music, too.

Only thing is, it uses a lot of processor time when it does no realtime 3D rendering or anything like that.


my score was something like 30000 or i think and i just played the city level.

finally someone else who loves r-type! or irem. i don't know.

is there only one song? does that count as a soundtrack?

oh wait it's 245660. thats my hi score.

it feels like a coincidence that you're making a game related to r-type. im kinda sorta working on a 1942 based game myself. although it's soundtrack is borrowing elements from "image fight" a prequel to r-type.

excellent upgrades, smooth gameplay, although it did lag though i think my computer is slow. then again i don't think it could ever really handle those particle effects. i really love that song, but just one? and i see you have the option to turn it off. this one guy kept bugging me for that. i was trying to add volume control but when i try to add it to html5 version it just doesn't work. it's gonna take some figuring. oh right. and i lireally like those bomb things. super r type had those but they would trail on which was more powerful. ya know what might work for that ship, if you had some sort of paddle ball weapon. like it bounces off of the nose. then again that might just be silly.

oh well. and i think the enemies are too generic. try to be a little more flamboyant. especially withe the bosses.

overall, 5 stars!

Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2014
11:15 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight