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Dragon Flap

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Destroy 10 10 Points

Destroy 10 enemies.

Destroy 25 25 Points

Destroy 25 enemies

Dragon Lvl2 25 Points

Evolve dragon Lvl2.

Destroy 50 50 Points

Destroy 50 enemies.

Dragon Lvl3 100 Points

Evolve dragon Lvl3.

Author Comments

Fly to avoid and destroy the attacking army.

Fly: Up Arrow, W or left click.
Shoot: Space bar.

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The controls are just horrible. You stop flapping for just a moment and you fall like a 1000T stone. And this is supposed to be a dragon. The hit detection is even worse: you get hit in the toe - you die. What is that supposed to be? "Ow, my foot!"? And, to be honest, like one of the reviewers below, I also hate everything that is flappy.

i thought up a game with a concept similar to this : in the game , a squadron of fighter jets flies in to bomb a mountain in which a herd of dragons , possibly the last herd in existence , resides , you play as the alpha male and defend the area from the attacking armies

The flying mechanic makes it too difficult. and having to tap the spacebar is impractical.
If I had made the controls, I would have made movement with arrow keys/WASD and have constant level flight (or a slow steady decline) until arrow keys adjusted it. And as for firing controls, holding down the left mouse key.

After dying a few times, the game goes extremely slowly, only way how I fixed it is by refreshing :(.
Having to hit a big, fast ship multiple times is almost impossible due to how slow the firing speed is. It's not a bad game, but it requires a lot of improvement.

He looks just like an axolotl! I love that! It's really hard though, I think maybe you start off with too many enemies straight away?

MIKELopez8619 responds:

I'm glad someone noticed he´s based on an axolotl, thanks for the review I'll try to make it less hard.