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Age of Defense Mini 2

rated 2.85 / 5 stars
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Nov 23, 2014 | 11:18 PM EST

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The mini soldiers are ready to the action! Age of Defense Mini allows you to build an army, conquer the world, control the defender hero, develop special skills, and involved in massive battle scenes!

Move mouse to the edge of screen to scroll map or use LEFT/RIGHT and A/D. Click any unit's icons to unleash units. Each units has an unique special skills, here's the list of all skills: Blast Out, Fast Forward, Triple Ammo, Rolling, Clone, More Stones, Fire Power, Mega Fire, Self Destruction, Tree of Horror, Hurricane, Meteor, Stronger, Power Arrow, Stun, Fire Balls, Lighting, Enchanting Arrow, Run Away, Rapid Fire, Jumping, Poison Arrow, Gun Blast, Machine Gun, Flying Gun, Air Strike, Multiple Launch, More Bombs, Light Power, Chaos, Low Price, Unlimited Move.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Got to level 22, game freezes due to clone bug, starting over from level one. This needs to be blammed.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

First of Graphically the game looks decent. But the overly repetitive music sounds like a 5 second loop. The pacing of the game is really bad. The Tech Tree or whatever you want to call it, is bad, sure when you buy units it says 50 Currency, snatches 150 Currency and gives you 3 units, doesn't tell you that it does this, just does it. And then it goes in the negatives. Then As I tried my hardest to check out the game, and the mechanics, the opponent has always more currency, Even though I replicated each and everything they did. It's riddled with bugs and is currently a waste of time.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

First off the game is fun. The amount of units is great. It has pretty good diversity in between them also. Here's where the good points sort of stop. Let me start off with the first screen, the upgrades. I really like the different trees, one for unit and one for skills. I can get behind that, it acts as a barrier so players don't throw out the last character and wreck the level with no problem. With that the Prada increases by level so that can't happen either (more on this later). Okay so the upgrades though, most of them don't match. Here's an example, first upgrades are the Clubswinger (proofreading it maybe you should separate club from swinger-it's the little things) and Catapult Man. On the unit side Dino Rider is connected to Clubswingers left branch, but Catapult Man is connected to it's right branch. Now on the skills side the Goblin is connected to Clubswinger, and Dino Rider is connected to Catapult Man. If I wanted to use the skill of Goblin I would obviously have to buy him first right? Well now I have to go through the unit tree and buy everything in between just to acquire something early on in the skills tree. This isn't a huge issue early on but later I see that there is big gaps in units and skills. I know for a fact that there's a limited amount of upgrade points that there's to be earned. So I don't want to spend all my upgrade points just going off on random branches of the tree to get to the unit I need for the skill or vice versa. That leads me to upgrade points. I believe it was 20 upgrade points for each victory. There are 100 levels due to page 1 and 2, so that's a total of 2000 upgrade points. The 2 bottom tiers of upgrades alone is worth 1882 points. Now I know for a fact that there is no where near enough points to buy and upgrade each and everyone of the units. That isn't a bad thing, not by a long shot. The problem lies on my previous comment about the switched up upgrades on the unit tree and the skill tree. There isn't enough points to upgrade a branch of the tree due to the gaps. Next is the levels. There is a good amount of levels to play. I commend you for that. Re-playability isn't a must at this point, due to the mass amount of levels. I didn't get the chance to beat the game, so I cannot report any special rewards due to beating it. Therefore I have no idea if there is a unlock-able mode to replay the game with the unlocked skills and units when the game is beat. If there isn't then that would be top notch if it was added! I did try and skip every level and go strait to level 50 to see if I could play a higher level and beat it. No such luck. I got the enemy to 1 health then I ran out of Prada. All I had unit wise was the Bird Man, no upgrades. I would think with a fair amount persistence it could be done. Okay now finally onto the main course, the game play. First off i see at the top it shows the base level, amount of units out (is it just me or does it show way more units than it should? I always count at least 1 over), the amount of currency to buy units (Prada in this case), the current level, and then the opponents info. Now I've played a lot of this genre but I've never seen any of them put up the enemies info. Its really cool and adds some strategy possibilities to the game. About the menus on the side. I get it, you want people to play your other games, but this doesn't really need a place in the actual game. It's your game, you do what you want so it's more or less a suggestion. But it's a bit of nuisance being right there next to the options/pause button as I clicked it instead of the options and got linked to another page. I do give it a little credit due to there being a little bigger space in-between the options and the more games button than the options and surrender button. Also the more games button doesn't highlight when the cursor hovers over it (random fyi, the new game has that tutorial in the beginning and the menu there does the same thing too). I may be digging too far into things but like I said before its the little things. The options menu is helpful in a way. thank you for putting a volume control in it. only issue there is that when I turn the music off the sounds turn off too. The quality doesn't really add up. I would normally think that the far right is the highest quality and then the far left is the lowest. It's really hard to tell which is which. Partly due to there being 1 star for the first and 2 for the other 2, and partly for a very minor change in quality. It just seems to change the sharpness a little. I know flash has it's limitations but at least make the buttons more understandable, such as L M H or maybe 1 2 3 even. Now the actual game play. It seems to me that everyone's skills needs to be balanced. Only because I don't see any sort of stats for the units, such as attack, speed, defense. So I'd imagine everyone is on the same playing field right? There are some strange things that happen during the game with certain units. It doesn't specifically say that Catapult Man is anti-air but my first game he attacked Dino Rider with ease. Now that I started this new game he just attacked forward when there is no one there acting like he is trying to hit the Dino Rider. The Prada thing kinda gets me. Whats the Prada thing? It's when I buy one unit and it takes double the Prada of what it should. That makes the levels hard, not unbeatable, but complicated. The surrender button could use some pep in its step. I click it and in around 2-3 seconds it finally says defeated! What I would consider is maybe a menu that tries to confirm that you want to surrender. Have a yes or no option then surrender. Maybe even say surrender to put some minor touches on it. As a forewarning I'm going to let you know you're going to hear about this surrender button again. It's so close to the options button that it can be easily hit. Without confirming that's going to end a lot of players hard work, and that's no fun! For another minor touch have the game pause when in the surrender menu, it would make a big difference. There's something about when the enemy units go past my screen and into my base that just irks me a little. It's like there is too much cushion for them. I would like to know when exactly they are hitting me, I want to basically feel like they are hitting me. To me it just feels like its missing something. A wall, or a portal, something! It also seems like they are hitting with a delay, and way harder than there is enemy. That may be just me miscounting again. About the attacking player vs enemy. When I'm getting attacked the enemy, no matter what unit, will execute a small attack and then move on to the next unit to attack. I can see some units like maybe the horse riding ones, or maybe the aerial units attack and move on or just move on. Not every unit though. It does make the levels go by a little faster but it doesn't make for solid game play. Spawning multiple units at a time is another thing that make the game play go a bit faster too. I like it so no worries. I could be mistaken but it could be the reason why so much Prada is taken out at one time. If that's the case then try and spawn one unit at a time so less is taken out. Its a bit of a laugh when Prada hits in the negatives. I've had a bit of stop animation issues when surrendering. When I surrender if there's fire or wind or whatever going on at the time and I surrender, that animation continues on to the next screen. The game seems to be sided with the opponent. That leaves the player with a bit of a challenge but its not that fair. If its sided towards the opponent try to give the player a slight advantage towards the enemy. Example: give the player a timed skill that would maybe turn the tide of the level if used in a proper time, like a fire ball, or a freeze enemy. If that isn't accomplished make the difficulty even for the player. I've sent out my Stone Man's vs the opponents and every single time the opponent wins, even though we have the same everything. Give the player something, doesn't have to be the timed attack thing. Maybe something to where skill is come into play and not lucky/ well timed attack placements. The only reason why I wrote such a long review is because I see a lot in this game. It has great potential. Maybe even a mobile version could be in order (sure is long enough, especially with playing the levels over with the upgraded units). This just needs some improvements and it will be awesome! Keep it up!

TL:DR Needs some game finishing improvements and this will be an awesome game!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Your game isn't ready to be put up yet!

It freezes at level 8. Happened 2 of 2 times!
The characters seem to die faster or live longer than they should.
Advanced characters die as fast as the lesser ones.
Firepower is lacking. My slingshot men and wizards have been shooting the blue flying things and the only thing dying are my guys.
The prada can go into the negative.
There's no way to increase your prada amount or income.

Check your games before submitting! You were really lazy on this one!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like the twist in the puzzle leve genre and the mix with the Age Of game style. Oevrall the game needs some work, but is quite ready.