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Jason is having an extremely bad day. Things just keep getting worst for him.
This animation follows Jason misfortune while highlighting some of the issue that homeless persons have to face every day. “Homeles” is my first animation and was done as the primary part of my final year project at Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica. It was done in Adobe Photoshop and flash.

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It could have stood to be longer, bt we all know it's tough to make a lengthy animation that looks good as well. I loved the sparsity of motion that made everything so distinctly acted out, and the characters were highly emotive. This is a great first animation, and I hope you do well in school!

Rubanz responds:

Thank you. In animatic stage the film was longer but I had to edit it based on time. Am actually graduated now. The final project turned out well. Will upload more animations soon

It's awesome! Loved it! :D I like the reality factor and the animation style. I wish u graduate and make lots and lots of art like this :)

Rubanz responds:

Thank you Kados. I am now graduated and working on more animations. The style was ment to be cleaner but wile I was working on the animatic my lectures and I fell in love with the rough look and thus decide to keep it like that

Thought it was going to reach some grand conclusion, but it feels like it ended pretty abruptly right after the banana fight! Didn't get a chance to really live into the main characters despair in that short time, and half a banana... didn't seem like that bad an ending. Seemed like a glimpse of hope! And didn't he have a home at the beginning? Why leave it? No insurance? Felt like a lose end, but anyway...

The story does put things in perspective, and I think that thick rain might've been the first rain I've seen that actually looked heavy, nice effect. The FBF isn't always the most smooth, but the fact that it IS entirely FBF animation is pretty impressive! Nice work.


Rubanz responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil. The film was longer and had a happier ending but I had to cut it because of time. In the original story he was actually having a bad dream which he was woken from in the end

This was emotional, but somehow amusing. Although the theme was a cliche, the atmosphere saved the story. The colors reflect the mood, the light makes you think this is all an illusion, the sharp sounds emphasise the pain. It reminds me that one of those days when everything goes wrong might change your life forever.

Rubanz responds:

Thank you uht. my aim was to make a common ignored issue interesting and emotional. Glad you enjoyed it

Very interesting art stlye.
The audio sounded kindsa distorted/high freq.

Rubanz responds:

Thanks w00tw00. I am not very knowledgeable about audio but is trying to learn as much as I go along