Obsolete Chapter 1: The W

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In a world where the humans use robots for their tasks, the invention of the new-model robots crushed the future of the old-model robots, degraded to be garbage in warehouses.

8-track is an old-model robot that was separated from his new-model girlfriend. He is trying to escape this warehouse looking forward for a quest for finding her.


Nice game! I like the warm graphics, the large locations and the ease of exploration. A few points that could be improved: when you walk up to a character and talk with them, the walking animation will keep playing in the background. Also seems you can move left and right with A and D, but only jump if using the arrow keys, and the intro was pretty long! If you play multiple times it might be worth having a way to skip it. And the character names that show up in black above the dialog box some times can't be seen over the background. Overall though, great game!


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I get the impression from playing this game that the story and the presentation were focused on more than the actual gameplay. The game's animation looks great, and the music sets up the tone of the game nicely. Also, the attention to detail, such as the interactive maps and pictures throughout the game as well as some of the objects in the foreground were well thought out and added a nice sense of scenery. The only problem I had with the presentation of the game was the background, since I didn't really get what it was or how it tied into the story, and some grammatical errors from the robots that talked to you.
Although I did like the save function, the gameplay was not very engaging and at times unresponsive. The jumping felt awkward, along with the movement of floating platforms. The save points were not as frequent as they should have been either, making little mistakes that I had made when trying to jump all the more frustrating. Also, the puzzles that I did try to complete were easy to solve, but hard to complete due to the awkwardness of the controls. One thing that I had also found strange was that the A and D keys were used to move left and right, but the W key does not make the robot jump, making the arrow keys the only method of moving.
I can tell that a lot of thought and effort was put into this game, which makes me sad that I am not motivated to complete it because of the awkward platforming and other problems that make the game repetitive. I was interested by the story, and I would have liked to see it through. I'm looking forward to playing the next chapter!

Nice game, cool physics. :)
I just wish I could play a bit more but I can't get passed the 'crusher' (level with the forklift). I tried several times and even if I press the robot against the crusher to be sure to start the earliest as possible, he still gets crushed. Is it only me? Is my computer making him slow? :/
Also the robot gets stuck if he land on a box corner.

element188 responds:

You are right. I changed the player speed in the last minute and now the crusher always get him. I'm gonna change it now, thanks.

not bad

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2.79 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2014
1:14 PM EST
Adventure - Other