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Nine-U is, or at least will be, a fast-paced retro-themed platformer for the Nintendo Wii U, developed with HTML5 in Construct 2. I have yet to start designing the graphics, but the end result will not look at all like it is now.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or... anything really, don't hesitate to post a comment! :)

[I have been given the authors' permission to use the music. I made the sound effects myself.]


I have 2 things to say.
1: Is it possible to heighten the jump function? If so, please heighten it by at least half a block.
2: What is with that repeating level from 1.4 and on?

Other than that, cool game! I like the simple graphics. However, I can't see this on the Wii U.

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Diapolo10 responds:

1. Of course I can edit the jump height! And maybe I should, too...
2. The level that is used on levels 4-8 is pretty much a placeholder. In other words I've yet to turn them into actual levels. But I'm working on it!

Actually, the graphics will be gradually improved for the actual game. These are just... well, they help me see better where I should make changes. Also, I'll be improving the gameplay so much for the Wii U that you probably wouldn't even recognise many similarities (other than the engine) between this demo and the full version. But thanks for your feedback!

Not bad dude :)

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Diapolo10 responds:

Thank you! If you could give me some feedback that would make my day. :)

Great game Dia!

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Diapolo10 responds:

Thank you! Please give me constructive criticism if you can. :)

construct 2? is that better than game maker? how is it?

what? no end credits music?

i don't like unlimited beeping.

i can't do hard mode. im defeated.

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Diapolo10 responds:

Construct 2 is a very easy to use yet quite advanced software for making HTML5 games. It's not free, but compared to other programs similiar to it it's fairly cheap.

I haven't been able to make/find a good enough credits theme yet, and considering this is a demo that should be understandable.

For the clock sound, I appreciate your feedback. I'll make it optional in the next update! ;)

Hard mode is meant to be for the hardcore gamers who want to complete the game 100% (in the full version), so I made the easy mode for casual gamers and to serve as a good way to train and race for the best completion times. More about that in the future! :D

Cool dude :D also thanks for helping me with my game.

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Diapolo10 responds:

No problem! :) Thank you for your comment.

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2.56 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2014
10:13 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other