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Kirby Gets a Sweater

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This is the first scene from my 'A Super Smash Bros. Launch Party' project, in which I hope to continue releasing more short scenes until I feature the whole Smash Bros roster. Enjoy

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I liked it.

I recommend other people watch it.

Was cute. Kirby is my favorite! I have every remix of every Kirby song ever. So I may be biased in my grading. Of course Kirby looks cute! Kirby is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

XD Amen to that, Pikachu! Amen to that. :)

lmao, first time I thought he said "Dude, you're bald"... wondered what that had to do with his spherical shape. :P Anyway, fun and simple short, even with the surprisingly gloamy Pikachu in the background (usually one of the cheerful characters hmm). Nice work!


RebelCampfire responds:

lol, thanks man! I thought switching Pikachu's role around might end up being pretty fun to do, and it was :)

What's with pikachu? He sounds like a dude!

Also Kirby's pretty funny.

RebelCampfire responds:

Haha, Pikachu is a mysterious creature indeed.