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Wolverine's Biggest Fan

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Hey. Hey.. Hey there. Hey.

Hey, so I did decided once upon a time to continue my ''Biggest Fan'' series.. fuck, I'm so hungry right now.

Today I bring to you Wolverine's biggest fan. Last time we had Mario.

Let this Biggest Fan series take you on a journey which shows you how far obsession can make you go. Fans find their Idols Fan-tastic. Fannys are another thing though.

So yeah. I gotta eat something. I ate too many cartoons. Those things lack the beneficial calories required to keep on doing more cartoons we all eat together.

It's just another cycle


Oh. Music is by Mitiri - Vampires and Eric Lam - Wall

EDIT : Thanks for the frontpage Tom. and thanks everyone for your honest feedback. It's good to see some criticism going round as well. I'm aware of my lack of being a perfectionist. It's something I'm trying to work on (lolish)

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My favorite part was the boobies! XD

LOVED IT!! Thou, it does teach you a moral lesson...

No... No.. NO!! It's not what you think. " Be careful what you wish for " or some other be careful shit.

Don't be cheap next time and get the retractable claws for FUCKS sake.

Should have gone with the retractable option.

No words said yet this says so much on the idea how far fans would go and how obsession can be a bad thing. It's very movie festival-ish and what the Bravo channel use to show and represent. Great job. Keep it up.