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Neighborhood Love & Hate

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Nov 18, 2014 | 3:29 PM EST

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Explore a neighborhood and interact with various females to try to get some action. Different character stats and inventory items lead to various outcomes. Some girls are easy, but others not so much.

See how far you can take things with a mother and daughter;
Get into fights;
Make characters fall asleep;
Use your knowledge from books and exploration to get lucky;
Be a voyeur;
Obtain some handcuffs and find a use for them;
Replay to try out different approaches!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

good game

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

game is geat, except the pink girl freezes up the whole game when i follow her

AGRGames responds:

No you just have to click on the screen image to advance to the next scene... happens many times throughout the game


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You can do nearly everyone in one play through and here's how:
At the beginning choose Fighting:3, Stealth:2, Balls:1 then...
Go to mansion and pick up $20 then the house and stealthily enter through the window. See who is in the living room (should be steph) talk to her then go upstairs and have your way with her. Go downstairs wait for simone then go to bookcase and take book on chess or grilling. Then go to Dina's house and go to the other room picking up binoculars and either the chess or grilling book depending on which one you previously took. Leave the house and head to the park, you won't be able to get the pink lady or the brick in this play through but you can steal the hairclip and with a bit of luck you shouldn't need the brick.
Play chess with the old man and get the antique diving helmet then talk to the woman with the dog. Go over the footbridge and search the trash can and grill and if you want you can go into the female toilets with the diving helmet on but you don't need to. Steal the dog and bring to the woman with the dog. Next go to the bar and sell the diving helmet for $20 and chess book $5 and buy both lots of information.
Go upstairs and talk to the golden man and put the extra point into balls, talk to the dj and get the sleeping pill then talk to the two girls. Fight the guy with fighting 3 you usually win without getting wounded and if you are you have an item to heal yourself with. Then buy the girls drinks and take the plastic sword.
After that go to simone and stephanies house and go in the back first, picking the lock. Approach the woman and try and have your way with her. She calls the cops, fight the cops and take the handcuffs. Then go back to simones house entering through the front door ask simone how it's going and then how she feels right now and then take off that dress (balls 1). have sex with her then enjoy the threesome with steph and simone.
Then head over to sharon and selenas house go into the kitchen first and read the note to find out the name of the girl upstairs (talana) and about the jello shots. Go upstairs and go into the middle room. Say your names ricky and tell her, her name (talana-you have to have read the note on the fridge for this to be an option) and then say dj easy d*** sent you and you can then have sex with her. Leave (not at night) and go into the far left bedroom and use the binoculars on the balcony. Then go outside and use the grill. Then take the jello shots and take dares and ask the least sexual truths and then tell them you saw selena with cynthia. Enjoy the threesome. But make sure to check the far right bedroom before you go.
If you were wounded in the previous fight with the guy you can sometimes afford the medkit from the dj in the bar after selling the grilling book (it depends on how much money you get from the trash can) If you can afford it get it just in case you get wounded by drake. Then go to Dinas house and put the sleeping pill in someone elses drink, this bit is random as to who falls asleep.
If Larissa falls asleep drake will fight you, fight him, handcuff dina and have sex with unconscious larissa.
If Drake falls asleep talk to larissa then say you did come to talk to dina take her upstairs and you have a choice of handcuffing dina and having sex with larissa or just having sex with dina.
If Dina falls asleep then I don't know because shes never fallen asleep with me. But at a guess I would say drake fights you.
Anyway, as a final review of this game I think that overall this is a great game though the randomness of certain events can get annoying.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

love and hate


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I wasn't expecting much from this game but it did surprised me, has lot's of options and depth on the gameplay, i hope there'll be a sequel! This game and Nightstud are probably the best adult games i played this year, the rest are just boring!

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