Sleep Fighter

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*****Update 12/13/14********
The game has changed dramatically. The attack button is now space and there is a lot more jumping. Enjoy!

Did you have a good childhood? Unfortunately, no. Afraid of killer clowns? Of course, who isn't? Are there any possessed teddy bears haunting you at night? Well, obviously. Find your courage and fight through your childhood nightmare in order to make it to sunrise. Otherwise, you might just never wake up. . .

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I stopped being afraid of Killer Clowns when the latest Silent Hill movie came out. :/ Anyway, this was a pretty slick platformer! Controls are easy to use and the fights/obstacles are fun to traverse... though I was expecting it'd be more of a Street Fighter parody. Some like a clone where instead of the regular challenger of choice you're a sleepwalker... or something. Although it didn't really meet those expectations, it was a fun play. :) Keep it going!


I usually like fighting games, but this one got repetitive rather quickly. It could benefit from incorporating enemies that must be defeated with unique strategies or more dynamic platforms/environments that have more impact on how the player has to fight (ex: conveyor belts that push or pull enemies/the player, traps that can gather all the enemies into one convenient spot for mass slaughter, etc.).

The jumping is really fun, except the first platform in the first level felt too high... Is there a reason for Attack Left and Attack Right to be separate controls? I found myself attacking in the wrong direction several times. Why not just use spacebar since A and D only differ in direction?

jonr11 responds:

We appreciate your feedback! It was very helpful, indeed. We do plan on making the environment more dynamic, at the very least with moving platforms, but hopefully with a few other nice surprises we have in mind. Treadmill platforms are a fantastic idea that we'll look into.

The original idea for having two attack buttons was partly so that players could change directions on a dime, and partly because it was legacy code from a previous design for the attack system. However, we agree with you that it's an unnecessary control scheme and we plan to integrate it into one button, especially since we're making other modifications to the player actions as well.

Again, thank you for the input!

Cute enemies!

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3.20 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2014
11:12 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop