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Game Experiment: Alpha

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Take part in a real-life experiment!

Researchers from the University of York want you to play a game they’ve made – and after you’ve finished, they’ll explain how what you just did helped to create new science!

Not only that, but you will get your results from the experiment and an explanation of what they might mean: You may even learn something new about yourself by playing too.

Take part now – have fun, and also help scientists to understand games (and gamers) better!

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cant play it. im on google chrome and internet explorer.

This makes me sad

i hope you learned from my participation.

This was pretty interesting and I like the concept behind it. One thing I will say though is that, there are people who become more stressed than most when timed, it releases adrenaline and, in doing so, thoughts become more clouded and aggressive. The word test can be skewed in a way that may not accurately portray what the game player experiences when they play games.

first i have probs whit the eng langue..it is not so that i cant read it and understandt what its ment...but it would help if there would be more langue options...2nd i like the idea behind all this also how the content changes. so lets hope your results will show us how ppl understandt games and how they change our lifes.

great one

Would it change the result if you hit the people crossing the street by accident, i hit like two people who were right behind a corner as i was driving