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Insane Snake

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High Scores

1. satanicaleve 429
2. ReptileSVK 326
3. gameworm 294
4. Martinxy 287
6. GoD7777777 274
7. Trooper6455 264
8. jhohensee24 257
9. BA4T 247
10. muchdead1 242
11. KillinStalker72 239
12. derpface20k 237
13. vitorbras 236
14. GinsuZ 236
15. muzzzak 234
16. Wabefuhon 234
17. Detective101 234
18. chauncyuni 232
19. jumpa 220
20. SapientBeef 216

Author Comments

arrow keys = moving

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Decent seems like it glitches out sometimes when i try to turn and that makes it pretty much useless at points.

Loved this game! I loved the intensity of moving the snake, just wish you could go out of bounds.

Overall this is a fun game, but the hit area for the snake is a bit annoying in how you can't do a good U-turn without running into yourself, you'd think the control would make it harder to do but that seems so much easier than other snake games somehow, maybe the body is just wider than I'm used to. I like the pace though, and that getting a score doesn't take forever. Keep it going!


There is nothing Insane about this... other than the thought there was this is basic snake other then the expression nothing really different.