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At first I thought that this game will be about a sadistic psychopath who tortures his victims. But then everything go out of control.

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An amazing original idea!

Oh, this was such a great idea! I loved shifting through the photos- BUT it was hard to control the mouse for me. it kept sticking and scotching when I didn't want it to... ;(
nice minimalist style!

Very intense and creepy atmosphere. It had a very powerful effect on me and I think the best label for this game is 'disturbing', which must mean that you achieved what you were aiming for. I feel like it takes me inside the mind of a deranged killer.

Others have complained about your concept or the mechanics of the game. I think they were all quite good: the puzzles were challenging, but not nearly impossible, although I do understand why some people can get misled on the pixel painting thing.

Navigating through the series of hazy photographs depicting macabre scenes from this person's life was a brilliant way of structuring this game. Photographs are personal and make the game feel more intimate, and it allows us to see into the killer's psyche via snapshots, forcing us to piece together the story for ourselves from the fragments provided. Making them interactive made the experience more immersing - I literally cringed at some of them, like the black bunny scene >_<

It doesn't get a perfect score from me because I feel like the ending, while decent enough, could have been much better. A movie at the finish that ties everything together would have been nice, for instance.

So creative. It would be great to see a less cryptic version of this. As it stands, I'm stuck at the last item, this painting is driving me crazy, and those black and white pixelated polaroid boobies are awesome.

I enjoyed this. It's nice to see something different on Newgrounds.

The presentation of the story and the way in which the player is made to interact with the game was definitely interesting. I can't say it was a total success but with some tweaking I think it could be great.

There are some major issues that need to be worked through.

-I don't like that I have to click and drag the very bottom of the polaroids to navigate and often it doesn't work properly.

-Not a fan of how I can't interact with certain polaroids until completely unrelated conditions have been fulfilled.

-Perhaps I missed the hint but I'm stumped on how one is supposed to figure out how to meet the specific conditions in order to get the item from the painting polaroid. I'm on the fence about whether to call this bad game design because hey, I'll admit it's possible it flew right over my head. Still, even watching a walkthrough I'm uncertain how I'm supposed to work it out.

-Story could use some more development. Was just a tad disappointed by it.

Anyway, the atmosphere here is fantastic and the minimalist art is great. A lot of thought was clearly put into this. Well done.

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4.05 / 5.00

Nov 17, 2014
12:51 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click