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8-bit Avengers AoU

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It feels like yesterday when I made the first 8-bit Avengers, and now we are half a year away from the release of Avenegers Age of Ultron.
So, here is a sequel to 8-bit Avengers.
Fans of retro games will get most out of this.
Try to recognize all the characters. There are also a lot of little cameos.

Enjoy and be sure to leave a constructive review :)

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Hahaha this is awesome. I love how Donkey Kong is the Hulk

Matija27 responds:

Thank you, really glad that you like it :D

raining 5s. But where was Vision? I am a long time player, since the 80's, but I didn't recognize the girl, the blonde (was that duke nukem or something?) and I didn't see anyone that oculd have been vision. Wh was the stand in for Vision?

Matija27 responds:

The blonde, or Captain America, is actually Guile from Street Fighter, or more specifically, from SNK vs. Capcom: Match of The Millennium. That's the game from where original Guile sprites came from, but I did a lot of edits and recoloring there.
The girl is Shantee, and sprites are from her very first game on Gameboy Color.
The Vision wasn't featured in the trailer this was based on, so I didn't add him. But, If I had to choose someone for Vision, it would probably be Zero from Mega Man X series.
Thank you very much for 5s :D

well made. I may watch the movie.

Matija27 responds:

Won't be a full movie, this is just a spoof trailer.
Really glad you liked it :D

Damn this is gold, make it rain 5's.

Matija27 responds:

Thank you, really glad you liked it, and thank you for a follow :D

Wow this was... stunning o.o it's all I can say, it's a whole new way to use sprites xD and I do sprite movies (also check them out when you have a free time :) ) the only thing that retains me of giving it 5 stars it's the style of sprites, 8-bit sprites are not my favorite ones but that's just me... I voted 5 so don't worry :)

Matija27 responds:

Really appreciate your review and thank you very much for a 5 :)
I'll be sure to check your movies and leave couple of reviews ;)