Epic Pizza Quest 64

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Run and Jump your way through winding platforming levels to retrieve your beloved pizza!

K (pickup/use)

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This game reminds me a lot of Kiwi 64, another Unity game in 64 style. Apart from the similarities in title, it also has a spiraling tree and certain platformer similarities, though there are no doubt also differences too. Overall, it feels this world has somewhat less to offer. It feels a bit square and limited, even if it is a full-blown 3D world with one major motive to strive for. The one enemy that falls to the ground is a thankful one too, as you can't restart manually, so it's good to have that enemy to run into if you fall from the tree and want to restart up there.

The jumps, at first, seemed way too high, though while traversing the branches I'm thankful for the height as it lets you aim in on each (incredibly thin!) branch before you land. Overall it feels like a faun game, even if the platform distances, widths etc don't really feel optimal, it's more of a one-challenge one-reward type game, not one I'd like to play over and over. And the main character does look somewhat bland. Keep it going though!


PLEASE READ!!! I took 45 minutes to write this and have important information you need to read!I'm not trying to be a hater and hurt your feelings in any way, but this feels like it's in it's Alpha stage. This game isn't ready for Newgrounds yet (I couldn't finish it because of a bug on the trampoline where I can't bounce high enough to continue, so I'm making this review off of the the beginning) , but after a lot of remodeling, this could be ready.
Gameplay: 1). Controls: The walking doesn't need to be changed. It's not slippery, which I adore. The mouse should have the right click make a quick camera turn, so you can easily turn around. I can't talk about K because of the bug, unless there was a pickup I missed. The jump on the other hand needs improvement. It goes way too high and is too slow, creating a floaty feel. Reverse that immediately, because it's important to the game. The level design may contribute to the jumping, so fix the level designs to fit to the usual kind of jump, one that feels like Mario's or Sonic's. Also, add a shadow effect to help guide the player onto thin platforms.
2). Level Design: Like I typed earlier, the level design needs improvement. The jumping problem needs to be addressed, so move the platforms closer to each other. In the first area, when jumping on the tree, the leaves got in the way, so either place them higher or make the character able to pass through them.
3). H.U.D: The font is a great color to contribute to the scenery. It can use a smaller font size, though.
4). A.I: The enemy A.I. is OK. Their chasing ability is a good idea, but this leads to them falling off platforms. You can lead them off the platforms, making the game easy. So, to fix this, enemies on platforms should have a set path and only attack the player when it crosses it's path. Enemies on open spaces, however, should target the player when it gets into a certain range of it.
5). Misc.: I don't know what the collectables do, yet, but the money should be hidden instead of placed on the necessary platforms. Also, it would be really cool if, instead of water killing you, you could swim and find different areas and collectables underwater, with an obvious breath count (but don't make the count happen too quickly and/or be too fast).
Sound: 1). Music: The music sounds alright. It would be better if it was longer and had more segments in it.
2). SFX: The sound effects are OK. The jump SFX could be changed to a grunt and the damage grunt could be different (still a grunt). Also, the enemies should have a "Hua" kind of sound when they attack.
3). Voice Acting: While there isn't any, it would be cool if there was.
Story: 1). Story: The story could have more depth to it, like why the pizza was stolen in the first place, or why he can't just order another or call 911.
2). Characters: The player character should have a name and backstory, like how he's just an ordinary guy watching the Super Bowl with his family until the enemies took his pizza, or something like that. Also, the enemies should have names and backstories.
Graphics: 1). Models: The houses in the beginning should have collectables in them so players don't waste their time by checking each one of them. The player and enemy models are good. Also, the water looks amazing.
2). Textures: They need major improvement. The textures on everything are blurry and stretch out, so that needs to be fixed. Also, the player character should have a different face.
Bugs/Glitches: Only 1 major bug found. In the 3rd area, the trampoline doesn't bounce the character high enough to get to the top.

Doing everything I suggested will take time, but the outcome will be amazing, and may even have 5 stars and be on the front page. Stick with this and try to do all of the things I mentioned. Also, thanks for reading this. So far, it took me 45 minutes to write this, so please take into consideration what to do. Good luck. ;) I will rate with stars once I'm able to finish the game.

Not a bad platformer. I'll say this for the controls though: the pickup/use functions needs to be something more accessible to the left hand, like the LEFT SHIFT or F keys so the user isn't reaching across the keyboard to use the K key, take all players into account, some people have smaller hands than others, etc etc

The movement feels a bit off, but altogether this has the potential to become a great game.

I see that you have good intentions with this game, the graphics are fairly nice and you have interesting missions. However, a big drawback is playing this game using a trackpad vs. a mouse. The camera view was nearly impossible to control with the trackpad, as it moved in quite unexpected ways.

AidenStudios responds:

I am working to fix this problem with an option to switch the camera control in-game. You will be able to change it to Q and E, along with lock the camera behind the player. Thanks !

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1.99 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2014
10:05 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop