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Mental Illness is no Joke

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Author Comments

Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia. Mental illness isn't a joke. Millions of people live with it and Robin Williams was one of them. The majority of media reports on Amanda Bynes have been demeaning and dehumanizing and we have the power to say this is wrong.

This video is part of an art project on suicide and mental illness. There will be 9 other videos so subscribe to see them once they are finished.

This video is based off of an article titled "Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams, and the Spectacle of Mental Illness" written by Sam Dylan Finch on October 16th, 2014
To read that post go to:
Read the full post at http://tinyurl.com/lr4c5rq

Animation and Narration by Chara Bui
Music from http://www.bensound.com


Robin Williams must have had it pretty tough particularly because he was Comedian. They don't need a disorder to get laughed at - even when they're being serious people expect it to be a joke.. could be a topic for another infomercial! Don't know who Amanda Bynes is, but I probably won't be able to resist the Google after this.

I was expecting some kind of comedy here, but this was a pretty serious topic, well-voiced and informative. It doesn't just take up the problem, but offers a glimpse at a solution, even if universal understanding is far from an easily introduced practice. Hard to imagine anything before you've experienced it yourself. Anyway, nice initiative! Hope this opens some minds!


very thought provoking

This little animation is a grim reminder that though everyone has the freedom of speech,we tend to forget that we have to think first before talking/writing to/about the other party or occasionally,in a moment of immaturity or anger,our words often hit the other party harder than we sometimes,think.Even if we do realize the 'damage' our words have done,we would probably shrug it off,thinking that the other party has forgotten about it or that it was all a joke and that no apologies are needed.If it's only one person who are using the insults and who has a mindset,maybe it won't be so damaging but if it's a group of 'piranhas',it would be unthinkable,who could actually take in so much hurtful language without ever feeling a pinch?Most,if not all of us aren't immune to insults,sure,we think that those are ONLY words,nothing more and we either fight back or ignore,but what about those other victims who are more sensitive,they will get hit even harder and if they do not have any 'backup' in time,they lose not only their dignity,but their sanity,in extreme cases,and those who sympathize with this group of people,well,where are they at that moment?They are either bystanders' or they're just not there.We,as humans,are equal and should deserve equal respect,no matter race,gender,species(animals need this too!) and religion,so if anyone sees a 'troll going around wreaking havoc' anywhere on the Web,go ahead and stop the damage(report it to the moderator) and help the victim if needed as well.Peace can only happen if everyone just thinks before using words to express ourselves and if we're just angry,just KEEP QUIET,after all,silence is golden.Anyway,good work on this,everyone's gonna need reminders like this,now and then,in this tech age.Keep it up!

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charabui responds:

Hi MchectorII, I agree with what you said about taking action on the web. We don't have to stay silent when something wrong is happening. Thanks for your review!

I agree with you mental illness isn't to joke same with disorders like Autism when bronys start to be everywhere [dumb] people start using autism as a insult and I have Autism and these people should not use it as a insult or it will be insult in 60 years just like happened to retarded so this video is great.

charabui responds:

Hi Winterandnoodle1. I definitely don't like it when people bully others in any way. It's awesome that you left this comment. If anybody puts people down whether its mental illness, autism, or disability, they've got issues.

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3.40 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2014
2:57 PM EST