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This is a story about a stray cat. Life was very hard for him, until one day when a man adopted him. Due to the owner's lack of creativity, the cat's given name was Kitty. He was then cared for and given food; without having to search through trash cans. As good and carefree as things seemed, the owner then bought a dog. Kitty was intimidated by the dog, and he felt like he must leave his home and return to his old life, only to realize just how hard it was being a stray. As he was sitting and thinking things through, he then observed his thumb, and realized its power. Word quickly got spread around, and all cats came to join Kitty to unleash the power of the thumb, even those who were in their luxurious home life. It was then that the cats realized that they could create something that would make their lives easier. Just then, Kitty directed construction for a machine that would hypnotize humans into giving them food. After months and months of building and creation, the tower was built. The cats then relived the glory of free food and continuously received more and more. But after there seemed to be nothing that could stop them, they had forgot to oil the switch that activated the mechanism. The switch became too rusted to move, so the cats could not use it. As the cats were expecting more food from Kitty, he had none, therefore, they became infuriated and went on strike. Kitty did not know what to do, so he had no choice but to go back, once again, to his old life. But this time, it felt especially uneasy. Not only did he have to hunt for food and scramble through trash cans to find it, but there was also the pressure of the many cats who worked for him now going against him. It seemed as if nothing fortunate was going to happen, but just as that seemed so, the owner and his dog came searching for Kitty meanwhile. They then reunite and Kitty shares free food with his fellow pet, and together they live with their owner.

I was originally going to upload this as an SWF, but it was too large for the 20 MB limit, so, I had to upload it as a video. SWFs are usually laggy, anyway.

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I love the paper background and the page flipping. The music loop in the background is going to stick in my head for the next hour or so!Nice storyline and I like how you have told a story without words or speech.The sad facia expression of the cat make it, good job!

Agent64 responds:

Thank you very much, good sir. ^-^

This was pretty nice.

The simplistic background helps save a lot of work. Paper works well for this one. I really liked how when the power device was turning it seemed kind of 3D-ish which was neat.

The story was kind of iffy. I felt sad for the cat when they left due to being annoyed by the dog. Then they figured out opposable thumbs and began to take over humans and get food. When it no longer worked, cats got angry instead. Warmed my heart a bit at the end seeing the person still liked the cat after all that happened.

Overall, underrated I think it will be.

Agent64 responds:

Thank you very much ^-^

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3.75 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2014
6:24 PM EST