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Revenge Dojo

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Exciting, colorful runner in chinese style! Help the panda to break through the hordes of bandits and save the kids! Your faithful sword, secretive jump and agility to help you overcome obstacles and enemies!

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Overall... it's kinda meh. Jumping is awkward because it's instantaneous. Usually, jumping in games makes you feel like if you press the jump button longer, you jump higher; unlike this game, where jumping feels more like teleporting, really. And since jumping is so fast, I sort of expected the down button to be a quick "go down" function. Another thing is I feel like hitting the enemies is a bit hard, or maybe the hitboxes are a bit small, and killing them isn't satisfying at all. The thing with the monk toll also seems a bit forced to me.
A small addition is that the comic at the beginning was a bit hard to understand.

Okay Brother, I am going to give you the run down. Level design was great! Excellent build of difficulty over the levels. I noticed how you added new enemies with different mechanics throughout the game. (NOTE: All of your npc enemies were cake except for the bow/arrow guy. That bow monkey is what really made this a challenge at times.) The gold keeper folk didn't play much a role and you'd either have to edit the game or take him out. DID YOU KNOW:(The gold coins roll over into each level and don't reset even after deaths.) The gold keeper was a challenge 8% of time and I didn't see the point later in the game having him.

I saw a previous comment about the jumping mechanic and I must agree it was troublesome at times. I do love the *puff* into thin air animation though. On the last level I was having such a difficult time on one part because the mechanics were just not tight enough. I almost gave up and quit. The problem occurred on the last level "right" after the first spring board is introduced. The spring launches you right into the enemy! So I would have to time my slash attack right when I appear to hit him but if i hit it too late or early i would die. I suggest proraming it so if you *poff* into air and hit the slash button then the moment you appear you get an automatic slash.

Also along with the jumping... i suggest allowing the player when they run off a ledge and are falling to be able to use the jump while in mid-air(that is if the jump ability has not been used yet.

Lastly, I enjoyed the new unlock able levels. And the raccoon/fox child.

Music is OK. This game actually reminds me a lot to strike force kitty (but where you now can control the attacks and you are a one ninja fox army), the game in general is pretty easy, is more like a game to kill some time. The most significative issue (as many others have mentioned) is the jumping, sometimes, it just makes you fail at some part of the level more than just helping you, so, woopsie if you used it before it was suposed to, now, you won't be able to jump those spikes!...maybe some more things would make it better, or at least would make people come back and replay it but, at least, no thanks, I pass

This is a pretty boring example of the running platformer genre.

Having played, and enjoyed, similar games in the past I hoped to see plenty of upgrades, pickups and achievements to add layers of interest - but nope... None. Nada. Zilch.

On top of that the jumping feels totally unnatural and unintuitive which, for a game where your ONLY movement is through jumping, is pretty crappy IMO.

I like the art and the game is good at first, but 5 things ruin the experience.

1. Jumping is the biggest issue. Jumping allows you skip over obstacles when you DON'T want to resulting in deaths or lose of coins. There are even some jumps you can't make on some paths. You can't even attack in air, which would okay normally, but this game does the attack too slow. I know it's okay to be realistic, but you should NOT be killed by crates.
2. The archers force you to jump, leading to problem 1.
3. You can't go down the floors, making you lose freedom in the game and sets you in a linear path.
4. Trying to kill enemies AND jump, isn't going to work that well.
5. Okay, this part was just dumb. It could have been genius though! The coin collect could have set a way for you to pass the game going through the right paths. BUT INSTEAD, the coins aren't restarted every stage and the price the coin collector has is just random. This makes people with no skill be able to zip right through him by losing a lot, AND makes skilled players face punishment when they get stopped by the collector.

All this combined makes the final level just too unbearable too. I mean, some parts of the game slow the framerate.