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Shoner ENG 0-1

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This is not the real first episode of Shoner, the real will be the next chapter...
The story is based on 3 flashes:
Sonic RPG
Final Fantasy Sonic X
Nazo Unleashed

I want to thank’s to Cristian Gomez (https://www.youtube.com/user/94giovan) for help me with the Camstasia studio on one of his videos, I want to thank too to SecondImpactGames, that without his game SCGMD4, will never met “Presumed Dead”, if you want to listen it, go to the link on the official page of the composer: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/366130

Talking about Newgrounds, I have my account were I submit images of characters on Fancy Pants mode, is that you choose your favorite character and I draw it like Brad Borne (Fancy Pant’s creator), just works if you be the first in comment in one of my submitions of drawing, this mode is abbreviated as FP Mode, well, I leave you my link: http://kenji195.newgrounds.com/

If you want to see this on the best way, download it on Mediafire on this link:

I hope you keep enjoying my videos, smash the manage favorite button, mark 5 stars, subscribe to my channel on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEXpjGrMH7QhfC9krskYIA

And don’t forgot me for follow on Newgrounds, that’s all so…


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wow, a sonic movie?
how cool! maybe you should also add mario in it, and naruto, and metal gear, and maybe name it marion ball sonic X! and have epic battles between sonic and sephiroth!
omg so cool i cannot believe it.

please make a more original storyline, maybe. good movie tho.

Kenji195 responds:

Well, though include Mario in a little scene like a funny scene, but thanks for your 4 stars :D