Angry Gran Run: India

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Join Angry Gran as she heads off to India in this latest edition of Angry Gran Run. Run through the streets of India, bashing punks and avoiding obstacles, including snake charmers, magic carpets, sun-bathing elephants, and fez-wearing dinosaurs! Featuring two new characters for you to unlock!

Left/Right Arrow keys - Turn,
Up/Down Arrow keys - Jump/Slide,
A/D - Lean Left/Right

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It was fun for a while, but its just like any other game in this style. You run forward, you move left or right to avoid obstacles, and you jump and slide to avoid things? Sounds very familiar.
Would of rated it higher, but the painfully short, and horribly looped together music ruined it. I mean, sit at the menu for a 10 second or so break, and you can hear the first of example of this. And if you make it not so far into the game itself, you can already hear the track repeat itself.

I rate 2.5 Cheek Dots out of 5 :P

I always die only on the corners despite pressing the turn button. In fact I've taken to tapping it frantically as corners approach and I still often fail to turn, although it's better than when I just press the button once. I kind of sucks because I know I'm pressing turn at the right time.

Love the graphics! Was wondering why you couldn't navigate completely with the arrow keys at first, still think the turning corners would be a better task for the A and D, and everything else arrow keys, but otherwise the controls are great. As for animation, the running, crashing,etc seems kinda plain, some fancy explosions/dust trails/etc would've been a real boost in the experience, but the 3D view is pretty cool for an online game like this. Nice work!


"Like skyrim with grandma's."
10/10 -IGN

Really cool, like the halloween's version.

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3.70 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2014
9:39 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other