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Super Oppressed PPL.

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Update 1.03: Oh, you thought I was done? How about some medals!?!

Everyone gets medals for participation, this way everyone can feel special!

Special thanks to http://nutcasenightmare.newgrounds.com/ & Raiper34.
Play through a game in which the world makes sure that you are never offended and never ever oppressed. Great for all SJWs!

Enter/Return to accept.
Press Space to Jump.
Press Left/Right to move and Up/Down to move cursor.
Press the 'any' key to advance text.

If you like, then please follow me @KMDES on Twitter.
If you don't, then blame #GamerGate and #NotYourShield because that's what the cool kids these days do.

Old updates
1.02 Update! You asked for it! You demanded it! I thought about it, watched some shows, had a drink, got lazy, slept on it but now you've got it! Push button text advancement! Just hit the 'any' button when the icon is flashing in the text box to advance the text and game! No more worrying about the text going too fast or too slow!

Just when you thought you were all triggered out, with the 1.02 update I have included an ALL NEW DISABILITY! Can you trigger them all?!

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aw god yes owned them swjs!!!! so epic

it broke after jumping once

i mean i bet it was funny in 2014

Where's my Gender Fluid option?! This triggers me SO MUCH!!! >:( >:( >:(

how to play this game cant jump lol

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2014
10:15 PM EST