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Follow Giseppi, as he takes you through the pasta loving land that is Italiano. And remember, Italian is 10% language 90% hand gestures.

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Welcome, to stereotype reinforcement Italiano!

gelato vendetta... solid.

Obvious skill in the drawing and animation; sometimes the animation didn't seem to know what to do (e.g., his movements on the bridge are a bit erratic).

Also some creative ideas, like the play on "Lady and the Tramp" ending up with his eating the other person.

It's kind of a single punchline drawn out too long. I'd love to see him get into danger, something like the progression in "Green Eggs and Ham" where the chase to give the man the meal brings them on a crazy adventure.

In this case, there's no rising action, so I tend to lose interest part way through.

Would love to see more of your work, and I hope these comments help!

KidneyJohn responds:

They do help because I do plan on making more of these.

I always find it cool to see what the world thinks about us (well, I'm a Swiss actually, but an Italian-speaking one). Animation is top-notch, but even though this isn't obviously focused on plot I felt like there was something missing, something that could connect everything together apart from Italian stereotypes.
I liked it very much though, expecially the animation, I can see you put a lot of effort into this, it must have taken quite some time to draw all those frames.

KidneyJohn responds:

It took forever. Thanks for the feedback.

As an actual Italian,i gotta say that that was pretty funny.

So,which country is next?

KidneyJohn responds:

I'm leaning towards Mexico or Japan.