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Tiny Tales "Pilot"

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Suck my dick, because not like any of you care what i place here. But if you are reading this, well this is an animation that pilot of a series i want to start, what do you think?
So after busting are hands and animating non stop for like 2 weeks, we finally where able to miss are due date by 3 days and upload a video that we should have completed a month ago. Sorry for the INSANELY long wait for some content but here you go,

Tiny Tales is a cartoon about two friends that cause nothing but mayhem and destruction on their worldly adventures around the small town in Nevada. Animated by two sexi beasts this cartoon has humor for the whole family and we hope to keep it that way. So buz off.

"Out with A Bang" By Self
"Slam" By Pendulum

Special Thanks to OneyNG and Pebbles for inspiration and for letting us secretly with out their permission place them within our cartoon. Love you XXX

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It's not bad. I laughed. The weather outside is weather.

Hah, looks like a lifetimes saving in that jar there. Wouldn't want to work in a shop like that! The shelf pan scene at the start makes me think of Matrix, the exaggerated expressions make me eh.. uncomfortable, but the plot overall was good fun, and the credits a short-lived burst of intensity. Nice work!


I like the idea, but it was quite obvious where you drew your inspiration from. So obvious, most of the jokes just fell flat. I think you have something with this though especially with the extremely tall coin jar that made me laugh my ass off, and the first end credits which represents exactly what I think you want to capture for this series. If one thing bugged me it was the second ending screen but that's probably for the youtube format. Just seemed out of place.

D3lton responds:

Thanks for the respond, and yes the second credits where for youtube, the reason for two was this cartoon was suppose to be twice as long and the intro credit was suppose to be just the title sequence for the rest of the video, but for the fact we where making this for halloween and we fell flat on our dead line we released what we had so far. I might jsut take out the second credit sequence just for the fact of NG.