Goku vs Hulk part 1

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This is the first of a series of Dbz stop motions that have goku facing various super heroes and villains from different universes please ENJOY!!


I actually liked it, bit too slow action but I can tell you put hard work into it:) nice stopmotion animation:)

gokuss4z responds:

THANKS!!!!!! :)

Very Choppy....not bad...the saiyan transformations made me laugh. and the sound effects are no good. Try to add more frames so the transitions arent so choppy...but i'm aware that this process probably takes forever to do so taking more pictures is probably gonna be a headache. but the pay off might be worth it...who knows!

gokuss4z responds:

That a great idea I'll have to try taking more pictures the smooth thinks out : )

This is pretty good for a stop motion, if this is your first kudos to you. Only advice I would give you is to animate the mouths of the characters, have more poses with the figures to make the animation smoother, and maybe try make some visual effects in programs like after effects (or something like that.)

gokuss4z responds:

Thanks for the review!! : )

Not bad dude. I suggest speeding up the pace. Too many long pauses between actions. Also if you plan on making a lot more of these I would suggest investing in a better mic and a pop filter.

Keep at it dude!

gokuss4z responds:

Thanks for the feedback :)

I am digging it :) very good flick so far and I am looking forward to the next coming parts. I do have a
Neg for you tho. on your voice acting, the mic is not so clear. you sound like you may be too close. but nice submission and please let me know when you are putting up the new parts. :D thanks -MastaFlux

gokuss4z responds:

Thanks!!! for the feedback I've been wondering how to sound more clear with the mic that really helps: ). I'll be sure to tell when I upload part 2!!

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2.15 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2014
2:32 PM EST