Battle Recruits

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Author Comments

Battle Recruits is a fun, fast-paced ‘Snake’-like Tower Attack game, where you can choose to play as one of many unique Heroes, all with specialized abilities! Gather your troops on the battlefield while avoiding the dangerous obstacles, then unleash them in order to destroy the enemy castles!

Use ARROW KEYS to turn
'Z' to use Hero Active Abilities
'SPACE BAR' to send out an ATTACK
BEWARE! Archer Towers, Canons, and Castles will try to kill you during Attack mode!
Pause screen has additional options, (Camera Zoom amount, show/hide defensive building strike areas, etc)

Note: Full Screen is not working correctly at this time, we hope to get this fixed soon!

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The game has an awesome concept but there a couple things that could be cleaned up. The price for revival is a bit pricey. I think there should be more gems not just when in attack mode.

Not bad, but repetitive.

Cost to revive goes up too fast, availability of other soldiers doesn't go fast enough (I never saw one).
Visibility of field is a major hinderance, fulscreen mode is a bad option as hud repositions poorly.

Genuinely clever. Still needs work, towers need more abilities and there should be more types of soldiers, but the game itself is very well done and shows a lot of promise.

the fullscreen is rather badly implemented. would prefer to have some buttons for zooming in/out. running speed could use a toggle (hold shift or shift to toggle).

could be a lot more fun if u introduce more active abilities on all heroes, such as jumping X squares, 1-click u-turns, shields, etc.

the upgrade costs are also too high, making the game little more than a boring grindfest. lower the costs, or introduce upgrades to allow more gem drops / lowered costs / global upgrades.

It's got some nice graphics.

Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2014
6:03 PM EST
Skill - Collect