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"I am a Monster"

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Hello everyone. :D This is my very first animation that I created and its halloween themed. I wrote, voice acted and animated the whole thing myself.

I hope you guys like it! :D
-Crazy George

The story if you want to read it:

"I am a Monster."
Why do I call myself a Monster you ask, my dear viewer.
You see the meaning of the word "monster" is different between you and me.
You are thinking of something with big claws and teeth, but those things only belong to another myth.
The beast that I call Monster is something more common, something that we all hide beneath.
We can hardly resist, from the temptations that it gives. It promises us power, it promises us what we need, it knows that one day we will give in.

"What is it?" you ask.

It's already told you, it's already shown you, but you don't listen, you don't see, yet you keep it in, you hide it, like something special, something you need.
Or is it for something else? Is it for fear? You don't want to let it free because of what you hear?
That if you let it free it will break all the fragile things that you hold dear. Is that what you fear?
Or is it something else? How about the lies? You wear a mask to hide your face but mainly to hide your eyes.
They hold your anger, they hold your tears, they hold your cries but also your fears.
Yet you wear a mask with a fake smile so that you can live a little longer in this glorified lie.
You laugh, you pretend, you act like nothing because the world demands to see smiles so you try acting.
And in the end you started making masks, you started making lies. You made one, you made two, but after that you did it too many times.
After a while you put yourself in a room of masks. So that no one could know and no one would ask.
So that the world could only see the room but not what is inside. So that you can keep yourself in there and hide.
But you stayed too long that you forgot how to get out, and now you forgot who you are and don't deny it there is no doubt.
You became something alien, you became something strange, you didn't want to be seen so you stayed in your cage.

You said "At least the world would think I'm gone and I'll be left alone."

But no matter how many masks you wear, how many lies you make, I can still see through what lies behind and what is fake.

And you'll doubt me and ask "What do you see behind my mask?"

And I'll simply say: "Hi... it is me..."
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0V3Rn1xrb4
Youtube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9FDjSXBq_I&feature=youtu.be
Animated,Written and voiced by Crazy George
Voice Directing by I.W.A. Studios

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This is amazing!!! glad i found it

Glad you included the text, the voice over narration was barely above a whisper. Had to use head phones to hear it all. Like the minimalist animation done in chalk look too.

CrazyCreators responds:

I'm really glad you liked the style. :D it was my first animation so i don't have much experience yet... and the sound yes sounds a little low now that i hear it again... :/ at the next one i ll try to fix it :) Thank you for the review and for the four stars :D