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Zombie Apocalypse!

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This is a kind of parody at old style training videos explaining how to survive in a zombie apocalypse! Please leave feedback, since I'm still relatively new to animation I could really use some critisism... Also cheack out bryokyo at youtube if you enjoy! Thank you!

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I like the part in the ending. Its really comforting.

Hell yeah. Nice work dude.

this is hilarious buddy. you did a great job. I am glad that I can fight a zombie with a flower. Just aim for the head right. Anyways this was funny nice work

I thought this was nicely animated, but the whole zombie types thing is well-trodden ground.

The familiarity of it prevented me from enjoying the humour, so I think you would benefit from coming up with a more original concept.

I found the voice a little flat and found my mind drifting. I know this was probably a stylistic choice, but try a more dynamic vocal performance to hold the viewer's attention and sell the humour.

Overall, there's potential here, so I'll be keen to check out your other work.