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Slender2D: Space

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WASD to navigate. Mouse left click to grab the flashdrives

The next chapter in the not at all chronological Slender2D series! You play as an astronaut on a spaceship, and you have to explore, finding 8 flashdrives that are the keys to escaping. If you've played my other slender games, then this one should be just as fun (or boring, depending on your standards).


- Flashlight flicker. Now, at random periods, your flashlight will flicker.
- Advanced slender AI. Since this game focuses on more tight corridors, it is easy for slender to teleport into a wall or block your path. This can be resolved by keeping him offscreen for 10 seconds (he will teleport away).
- 2spooky ambiance in the background

Q: Why does this game suck so much?

A: Ask your momma.

Q: I just shit my pants. Could you buy be a new diaper?

A: Get off the internet (but not before you rate 5!).

Q: I can't find the flashdrives!

A: They're tiny, I know. The mouse changes when your mouse is on it, so just scroll over everything until you find them.

Q: The game is tiny!

A: Fixed it. Screen size was wrong, lol.


- Cricket
- (report any bugs in PM form, not review form please.)

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Slender2D: Amongus.

nope nope nope so much no

The flashing hurts my eyes, but the game is freaking good. Congrats Mate!

I love this game...only problem is that i cant find the last drive, other than that its amazing

larrynachos responds:

I can't remember where they all are, but they're usually laid on top of other objects, like computer desks. It might be blending in. Glad you enjoyed the game!

Okay. Good game as i loved slender as kid.

larrynachos responds:

Aesthetically, this is my favorite slender game. I love the space feel.

Umm, slender can teleport. Either he teleported to the space station, or he was in one of the holding tanks.