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Less than twenty

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Move the correct number to the solution field. If there is no correct number you will have to generate it by adding and subtracting or using the various operator fields. Use your brain and solve the exercises in this exciting puzzle.

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I think this is a good S C H O O L game

Too easy. There are multiple ways to solve each level. I don't know if that was intended, but one solution would be to not allow launching blocks against the wall. I believe all levels would still be functional, but it would eliminate a lot of easy solves.

Way Too easy
Aestethics are flawless, and sweet background music!

I too was gona comment about level 13 then i saw Psyh review

when we learn about multi-direction teleporters on level 9 what we want to do is add 1+2 and we end up thinking we managed to sync it, when all it does is keep the direction, u might want to make that description fool-proof, ehehe

also, i wonder if u had a harder solution in mind for some levels that u can solve so easily, sure, most levels leave leftover numbers, but look at these that do not make use of the special blocks presented on screen:

level 17 = move 4 down, then left, move 3 (above the 5 u just added) down, DONE

level 18 = throw away all numbers except 8, then move it down, right

level 19 =

level 27 = both 3 down, right

level 31 = (from upper right corner), move 3 up, dispose of -1, move 4 left

level 34 = 5 left, 4 left, 4 right, 5 up, 12 up

level 39 = -1 right, 4 down (without -1 on its way to 3), then 7 left

level 40 = 2 up, 1(top) right, 8 up, 8 left

and overall other levels in which u use 2 or 3 numbers, leaving many numbers and special blocks untouched, makes me wonder if those were the intented solutions.


level 32 = 4 left, -1 down, 8 down, 9 left (actualy uses 1/3 specials but doesnt touch the x^2)

level 36 = (leftmost) 7 right, 11 down

level 38 = throw away top and bottom 6s, add 5s to the topmost, move 15 left

Pretty easy, kind of boring...Wait, did you take that background from a screenshot of Uplink?

interesting game i havent find anything like this on newgrounds and i like it dont stop what u r doing