Pumpkin Hordes

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In this epic adventure you must save the portal to the realm with an ever increasing amount of enemies trying their damndest to invade the realm. You must stop them at all costs even if that means you blow some stuff up!! You can NEVER DIE in this game only fail or succeed. Have fun blasting these little pumpkin heads with you semi automatic sniper rifle.

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Really fantastic! Love everything about this. Great cartoony 3D visuals, love the sparks that fly, and really smooth controls and movement. I especially love how all the sniper elements of this game go out the window at about the five minute mark. Love the chaos. One problem I did have with this (and it's a biggie) is the fact you decided to reward impressive long-distance kills with action replays that take forever, allowing multitudes of scarecrows into the portal, leaving you worse off than if you just had left the first scarecrow completely. This is especially frustrating as the hordes become larger. Beside that though, this is a really, really, really decent game! x

- Slow motion shots makes your lose time to shot others since they keep coming!
- Shooting in metal kills on the other side? :)
- Epic adventure? There is no real story here...

I would probably think that this is a demo, not an epic adventure, but still a good demo.

fantastic visuals and the gameplay is really good too. the one really big problem is that when it does the slow motion headshots, the enemies keep running and you're powerless to shoot them. you really shouldn't get such a huge penatly for an awesome long-distance headshot.

Awesome! This was lots of fun! The visuals look amazing. You can even see the texture in the players fingernails. Game play is really fun. If that dot is on that pumpkin then it hits. Distance and moving targets are taken into consideration, which is a very nice touch. I also hear some CS sounds when the guns are firing and reloading, nice lol. I only have a few minor issues with it. There is no mute button in the game itself. The only pause button is the escape button (not a bad thing), and there is no way to get back to the main menu without refreshing the browser. In the main menu options there is no full screen screen. I tried alt+enter and nothing. Full screen is something to look into, especially Unity was used. You specified that the rifle was a semi-automatic rifle, but the rifle used in the suburbs was a bolt action rifle that just shot semi-automatic. I got a laugh out of shooting a bolt action over and over with out chambering a new round though. One more thing is that when you sit at the main menu for too long the pumpkin heads dance their way around the screen. The left one will dance itself across the menu and eventually glitch into the screen, while the right one will disappear off the screen. Other than that I think this is a great game! Audio works pretty well with the game and all menu buttons work (I highly suggest you change the link buttons to an external tab/page. Clicking the link and having it go to that page on this page is a bit annoying because then we have to go back and restart loading). Keep it up!

P.s. Found a glitch when writing this. When you hit the escape button while its in the slow-mo mode after hitting something the game will freeze.

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2014
3:31 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person