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Tiny King

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Help King to find his cake!

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Loved this game :) Very good choice of music, tons of cute monster creatures, and simple enough gameplay that was a bit tricky at times. Wish the ending was better, but all-around a great little game!

Nice looking game, I have been a fan of many of these point and click games before and to say the least, the game is VERY unoriginal.
For instance, the game has the same style as Juicy Beast studios ~ 'Feed the king' (along with the cake idea) and the gameplay of MANY other point and click games.
The games puzzles are easy and could be finished in about 20 mins, but thats relatively the same with other P&C's and I would say thats a good amount.
all in all I would say the game is alright, for inspiration I would have a look at games such as 'The last door' series and Any of the 'Troll Quest' games, they both have their own unique ways of playing through these situations, and most times its not obvious what you have to do.


I can't pass the second level. When I try to remove the key, it disappears (I watched the walkthrough in case of mistaken).

Anyway, I like a lot the game!

Engaging and creative. Found one small bug: on level 7 the train does not come when the sound is turned off. Still very much so enjoied this.

Excellent game. Cute, colorful graphics, amusing sound effects. The only thing I would have liked is a more medieval background music, as it would have fit the theme better.

The levels are all clever. Slightly different from the normal fare in this type of game. A few take some thought to solve, especially the ones with "red herring" objects that don't do anything. With objects that do have a use, their function may not be immediately obvious. I also liked the fact that you can't fully win the game without finding all the hidden pieces of the master key.

It could have been longer, but I'm happy with the quick and cheerful peace of the game. Uplifting and peaceful.

PegasGames responds:

Hi, thank you for such detailed respond! : )