It's a Jungle Out There!

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A short little in between video as the rest of my content is in the works and nobody likes an unfinished product right?
So in the meantime have fun with this one instead~

Also on my youtube channel! Don't be afraid to stop by, more content is appropriately there.



Where do I begin. First of all, if you are going to use MS Paint atleast put more movement into the animation, even though it does not really belong on Newgrounds. This should be on YouTube. Speaking of which, informative videos like this don't really belong on here as well, unless if it was made with Flash 8. Which seems like you don't have. Also please come up with your own jokes, instead of just copying videos into this. And lastly, I'd recommend using different music. I don't think sad music over an informative video is a good mix. This is just here so you can improve more.

zeroflash97 responds:

First, thank you for your constructive criticism.
On everything you pointed out to me:
1. I am aware of the lack of movement, it was intentional
2. True while i do agree that given the other video content on NG, this isn't exactly "appropriate" as it were, it was an experiment of sorts. And it actually is on youtube as well. Subscribe! :D (i said sarcastically)
3. You are correct, I don't have flash 8.
4. I'll have you know that everything i said, including the jokes are mine and written by me. The shown images were only there to maintain attention via relevant imagery.
5. In hindsight i do see what you mean about the music, but i was going for a serene feel to contrast the brutal atmosphere of the game.

And heck, if putting it here as well meant that more people would see it than normal, come what may in the comments, criticism, constructive or otherwise is a fair trade-off.
Again, thank you.

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Oct 22, 2014
11:07 AM EDT
Comedy - Original