Cover and Smash

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Pacifist 5 Points

Pass a level (with 3 enemies or more) without killing anyone

Angry Bird 10 Points

Set an enemy in a hight vertical flight

Mass Killer 10 Points

Kill 150 enemies

Fast Killer 25 Points

Kill 40 enemies at survival level for 1 round

Maniac 25 Points

Kill 350 enemies

Pathfinder 25 Points

Find a secret

3 Seconds 50 Points

Beat a level in 3 seconds

Accuracy 100 Points

Pass the second level, selling or removing all crates

Author Comments

You need to cover a good guys using some stuff laying around to prevent their death from above, represented by enemy helicopter. The game hasn't any content taxed by censorship but violence. "Cover and Smash" is bloody and a little bit gory violent game.

20 puzzle type levels complements a survival mode.

A Player earns money during the game wich he can spend for an upgrades in the shop. Also the game calculates scores for a Player actions and displays them separately from the in-game currency.

Have fun!

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Abysmal performance on Firefox. Only reasonably playable on Chrome. Also it's one of those games without medals resubmit functionality so of course it'll cheat you medals here or there, and all you can do is clear browser cache and start all over again.

I hate this game I have all but two medals and they're not showing in my medals that they're unlocked.

whats the small wooden thing in level 8 for?(by the dinosaur bones)

It was a very enjoyable game for the most part. I had managed to beat every level without too much trouble but it did enough to make me think. I got annoyed trying to work with getting blocks and enemies to stay a certain way every once in a while but its part of the games design so it makes sense. My main complaint is One of the games medals. No not the pathfinder one. The Kill 350 Enemies one. By the time I had gotten every other medal I only had 227 kills and I honestly didn't feel like grinding another 100 kills just for one last level. But besides that I liked it. Good job

Level 14, really? No hint or anything, tried numerous different ways. 1-2 always end up dying.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2014
6:17 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other