Ultra Metal I

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Fighting strategy game in which you must remove the alien robot to save the land, earning much more life to be more up on the board.

Defend the earth with this super robot, which is managed by humans within it, should be able to use the right attack for each opportunity, if not attack used good defense to not lose against aliens bots, you will be able to defend the land?

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horrible game

you get no stars, this game is horrible. you should fucking kill yourself.. nasty ass n****r.

I'm sorry but this game is not good. The game system is kind of stupid, I find the "move camera" system very annying, please fix that. the battle is boring. The music is repititve. But I like your art, they are clean and nice. I hope you will produce better games soon! :)

sometimes the other robot gets two or three turns in a row

raptor0555 responds:

is random, you should also see time in the circle above, if you lose your turn ends, thank you for your stars

Quite boring game overall. Just plain pointless.

Music is very repetitive. Also, intentionally or not, it sounds unintentionally distorted. I can only hear it on the piano and the strings, but not the bass, so I guess it's intentional. Anyway, it sounds bad.

raptor0555 responds:

will replace the sound, thanks to rectify

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2014
10:58 AM EDT
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