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Draco Designer 2.0

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Author Comments

Okay, my last game submission was rejected. (I believe it received a low score due to having no pre-loader, and therefore if you clicked start before it loaded, you would get an incomplete version of the game)

But this one I put a lot more time into. I really like it, but I could still use some tips or pointers...


This is BARELY any good. It has almost NO ways of customisation other than colour!

This is not a game. Simply put. Also your text and images are poorly placed.

I'll give you half a star because it successfully does what I believe you intended it to do. In all honesty, tho, as a game, I believe this is rubbish. I will tell you why, tho, and perhaps your next submission will be more fleshed out.

Most stories have a protagonist (hero type the reader identifies with or roots for), antagonist ("bad guy" or person that is against the hero who the reader is not supposed to like), a beginning, a problem, a "middle", a climax, and an end. I've been out of school for some time, but it's something like that. Most stories (especially good ones) fit that description. Keep in mind, the protagonist is not always a "good guy", and the antagonist is not always a "bad guy", but in simple stories that is usually the case.

Think of a successful game as just being a really good story. A good game will have a hero, and an enemy for the hero. It will have a beginning or an intro (great time for a tutorial on how to play). It will have a problem that arises (hero's gf gets kidnapped, hero's town gets attacked, hero's dog needs a bath, etc). Then it will have a middle where the hero moves about attempting to solve the problem. This culminates into a climax (the last level, the last boss, whatever). Then it ends. Even in open world games that are becoming popular nowadays, the main story quests usually sticks to that format.

So let's compare that to your "game". There is no hero, there is no enemy, there is no plot, no climax, anything. Yes, you categorized it as a "dress-up" but even within that category the execution could have been better (cleaner fonts, better graphics, more customization options, animations, etc).

So your last game got blammed hard, and this game isn't fairing very well, either. If you would like to make a submission that gets higher marks, I'm not saying what I suggested is the ONLY way, or that it would be EASY, but it would be some place to start.

Keep trying, though. I'm a musician, and I will tell you one thing: you just have to keep creating. You don't make the hits til you got all the shitty ones out of the way. Good luck! ;)

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I think people voted it down because the whole concept is so pointless. And that in combination with very bad graphics. I'm sorry, but that's what I think.


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Credits & Info

1.56 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2014
4:52 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up