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Angela Anaconda the Game

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Help Angela Anaconda stay on air, by dodging the crap thrown at you.

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holy fucking shit O.O
i swear at the moment i saw this the blood freezed in my body o.o
i saw people getting burned alive , i saw men getting beheaded , i saw women getting crushed to death .. but NONE of that scares me as much as Angela's face o.o her face brings me bad old scary memories ;~;

5/5 for Nostalgia and Whimsical Music.

French Can Can, YIIIIIHAAAAA !

This isn't a good game. I mean really poo? This is not a creative game gameplay-wise since all you do is avoid crap by moving the mouse. It's not really logical either because since when did poop ever cause a mini green explosion? Anyways you should try to make a unique game to make it stand out more from other games.