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Life is so short, and life only comes around once.

What if you have another chance?
Would you right the wrongs this time?

Take a couple of minutes, enjoy the plot and play, and live your life again.


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For the genre of games that tell stories like these: THIS IS DEFINITELY A FIVE STAR! Damn... I was smiling so much at the end. Thank you for sharing a wonderful tale.

I have To agree with Vayday here. you have basically told a run of the mill story that the player has zero affect upon... its touching like most games of its kind and it is cool for being 4bit with 16 bit sound but as a game it has absolutely no substance.

its like needing a balanced diet and eating nothing but grains and vegetables with a huge serving of desert (being the games completion) but you wanted that main dish you wanted the meat and that's what is missing here. if the process of collecting things had effected the story in some way it would have made the experience much more meaningful. you have accomplished something really cool but it is only your accomplishment you've given the player no reward for actually playing this should have been submitted as an interactive movie if there is such a thing.

it was good but take these comments as a lesson and learn from them strive to make something people can genuinely enjoy and have and actual experience with. you have here a delicious cake that only you can eat we can only watch you eat it we want a slice too. :)

UncleBig2D responds:

I'm got the point, thx~

There cant be a Game with no Gameplay. This is basically storytelling where you can click to see your character jump (Or tilt his head or drive a car). When the player imput is so low that he only need to clic once to get the game going and nothing he'll do will ever impact it, you know you dont have a game, but just a self congratulatory project.

This is not a game. There is no actual gameplay, there is no choice to do, nothing for the player to do, no reward upon completing the game, it's just a glorified story. So the story would be good right?

God no !It's the same tired artsy game story where you have to pretend it affect you on the emotional level. Here's the story basis : People grow up and eventually die, and if you missed the opportunity of your life to be happy with the one you love, just go back in time and correct your mistake. Arent you glad life got an undo button ? "Life only come around once". Unless it's bad storytelling. The game also have the subtlety of an anvil. Making everything grey to tell you you are supposed to be sad.

In conclusion the game fail to provide an interesting gameplay (Or should I say fail to provide a gameplay at all). And fail to provide a story. The graphics are decent but if I wanted to see good graphics with no gameplay I'd watch a movie or a cartoon. And if I wanted to play a game with no good graphics and little to no gameplay I'd play Snake on my cellphone. At least it's addictive.

This game is a waste of time and it seems that there was little effort or risks taken in it's conception. It's safe and savorless thus being very bland.

UncleBig2D responds:

Thx your review, i will keep work hard~~ ^_^

Whoa,this is just amazing :O
It's funny how a bunch of pixels could tell such a deep story.

UncleBig2D responds:

Thank you~ ^_^

8bit rlz! Awesome novel, remembered "click". touched me deep inside =,)


UncleBig2D responds:

( ^_^ )

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3.94 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2014
11:27 PM EDT
Adventure - Other