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TUMOR: An Organic Glitch

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Here's the link to part 2!

once again please note this isn't a game it's an animation haha don't want to be accused of misleading.
This is Part 1 of mine and Zip Zippers 3 part Halloween animation. It's all one story just split into parts cause well why not? a new part every Friday to Halloween? I thought it'd be a cool idea.

It's a Sequel to our last year submission 'SKIN' so be sure to check that out either before or after it's up to you.

Here's a link

It's based around a game cart going wrong and what it does to the characters who live in this town that's in the game, why is it going wrong? well that'd be spoiling now wouldn't it.

I never really know what to say in this bit so just give it a watch and let me know what you think of it. Oh I will say this Zip Zipper done a fantastic job with the soundtrack on this (as he always does) so let him know what you think of it as well.

time to get in the Halloween sprite

Link to the youtube version

Check out my Patreon page:

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ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you

Damn, it's freaky. You should make a game out of it.

i didn't pretend on sleeping anyways.

its really good

ClockworkPixel responds:

thank you

I love the music in this, does he have a separate soundtrack on it I can find?

ClockworkPixel responds:

unfortunately no. I'm putting a full soundtrack on youtube soon but as far as I know he isn't making a download album, I've contacted him and not heard back so I honestly don't know