Office Time

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Dan's job is putting him under a lot of stress. But what happens when one day at the office is just TOO MUCH for one man to handle?


It only took two and a half years but I finally managed to finish my second animation. Thanks to Newgrounds I have a reason to want to do these things.


The animation was good, but not the best. The art was the better part, but the flow could've used some work is what I'm trying to say. (Sleep deprived atm, please bear with me)
The voice acting was great! They naturally sounded like the characters - they had personality. Very good job, imo.
The ending was... Well, it was anticlimatic. It was presented well, drawn well, voiced well, but I left the movie thinking "What, that's it?" The most important parts imo are usually the beginning scene and the ending scene, just advice for the future.
Now, all of that said, this is your second flash video. For your second flash, this is pretty damn well-done! I'd have rated this probably a star lower if you were more experienced, but I see that you're making progress and you have every right to feel proud for your improvements! Keep up the good work, mate - you're on a steady climb upwards. :)

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Humorous and thought-provoking. What a feat of cinematic accomplishment by author Leathertoast. The ending leaves one with a sense of wicked fulfillment, and yet, utter despair.

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Good animation. But the ending was pretty bad.

dam that ending sucked lol

Hmm, I liked it but I thought there would be some kind of pay off. Its one of those shitty days at work turned shittier but nothing really comes out of it. The animation was decen though. Keep it up man

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Oct 17, 2014
10:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Original