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IOSM- Prologue

rated 3.18 / 5 stars
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Oct 16, 2014 | 10:01 PM EDT

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It's been a year (I think) since I posted movies and skits. I recently transferred into a univ, so my time was literally sucked from animation for some time now. Anywho...made some friends and they were nice enough to help out with this little project. This will be the template for an even bigger project. Share your thoughts, tell me what I can do better, and enjoy :)

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I sense some weird tweening... or some stufffff. But anyway, keep at it, the timing and art could use some work, but it's a good start.

I liked the girl's voice acting. The captured guy had decent enunciation, but the delivery was kind of flat (on purpose?). Unfortunately, I had trouble hearing/understanding the other guy's voice. Take it slower and pronounce a little more, and the accent shouldn't get in the way. I mean or not, I don't really know anything.

You guys might also benefit from a slightly tighter script, but I appreciated the stabs at humor. Ha. See what I did there? No? Ok, nevermind. Good luck on the next ones

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LightYagami123 responds:

That weird tweening you mentioned is acknowledged. And, I know the exact parts you're referencing...All which will be improved (hopefully). Art...well I don't really know how to fix that but I have an idea on what you were referring to. Lastly, the timing..I admit, it can use some work (I actually intentionally kept it in because I wanted to see would it be spotted because reviewers from past projects failed to mentioned them).

Yes, it was on purpose, he is a bad guy and very nonchalant. The other guy you mentioned have bad recording devices, but he later updated me saying he will be getting new equipment. And the girl is a natural. Her first time and she nailed it :) The script can most certainly be tighter. But, I have a habit in info overload...I'll try to stop that. All in all....thank you for stabbing at this project ;P (see what I did there?)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like it.. But man, to be quite honest, the animation is just not good. I mean things move in and out and just look.. Wrong. The physics are just off and don't move fluently. As far as the story goes it was honestly quite lackluster itself; however, I like the voices. (Dracula Einstein? lol) Speaking of the voices, they weren't always of the best quality.. Some were muffed (3:18-) I do like the voices in general though. (In other words the voice actors).

All in all the animation needs some serious work. You also need some better voice recording equipment.. and some better storytelling. But all in all, it's not horrible.. In fact, I liked it.

Oh maybe some faces? I mean it's not a necessity.. But it'd be nice, I know it can be a biznitch to animate faces and expressions.

I gave you 4 stars because I feel like you can take it further if you tried.. Quite honestly though it's more along the lines of a 3 - 3.5.

Anyways good luck in your endeavours friend.

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LightYagami123 responds:

Thanks for the review, Ahi. The audio can use some, I'll admit that. But, when you say the animation is not good, I think (correct me if I'm wrong) you are referring to the scenes where I used real life footage/the scenes what I tried to draw over cars then yes...I admit that was poor planning and waste of minutes in the animation as a whole.

The clear cut animation (the characters) itself was probably the the critical reason why you liked it. I was using a skill called "human engine." All in all, I'll be sure to increase the audio quality and the story itself will get better (I was more into the animation than the story when i did this prologue to be honest). Thanks again :)