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Le Choix

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This is my first game, i know that it's ledge.

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Unfortunately, I do not potentially agree with "vegan" culture. Most nutrients and vitamins come from meat and livestock. However, making it seem as if humans kill every single animal doesn't really raise the point. I get that you choose not to eat meat, but it's very debatable and this really wasn't much of a game in all honesty. There are people that kill animals for fun, I will admit, but you shouldn't be shaming every person that eats animal meat. They did not kill the animal and I'm sure these animals we do eat provide us with our basic vitamins. Without them we would not be alive. This is why I cannot be vegan. Being European, the food we make has meat as a staple part of the ingredients half the time. Just thought I'd put my view out there on the matter.

...and now for a small list of animals that the average human does not eat.

FOXES. PIGEONS. DOVES. ROBINS. WEASELS. STOATS. FERRETS. HEDGEHOGS. WOLVES. DOGS. CATS. COYOTES. BEARS. RHINOS. HIPPOS. WHALES. DOLPHINS. I could go ON, but to try and paint this idea, to imply that any animal that isn't US is something we'll be chopping up and eating is disgusting. Oh, and by the way, before you say it, YES, animals feel pain. YES, we should cut down on our meat intake. But more for the benefit of the overall environment than the benefit of a cow.

Y'think that cow would have a fun time of it in the wild? Do you think that if a pack of coyotes descended on that cow, it would think "Oh, this is SO much better than being shot in the head and dying painlessly in a matter of seconds, thank you Jesus"!? Yeah, ah, NO.

Thanks for that. It's a relevant message, and a good way to speak it.
I didn't get to interact with the game, only walk to the right. I also thought the space bar wasn't working, and couldn't get it to do anything.
My rating is for content and that the storyline progressed smoothly.

I will add: some of the graphic depictions, I found upsetting. I know that's the point -to get people to think and feel about what they are contributing to and encourage them to think about making changes in their choices that will alleviate animal suffering. I'm a vegetarian for all the reasons you depict that animal suffering is unnecessary. I think it was appropriate that you showed several very young animals at the end -of the species that humans normally regard as 'food'.

Nice graphics, horrible pictures.. simple but it works.

...except that I thought spacebar was broken and I nearly gave up! ...but I revised.
Maybe add a message or something just so we don't give up thinking it's broken?

i like it but there us no use for left or space more if an interactive movie than a game. that being said great music and message keep it up

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4.42 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2014
9:57 PM EDT