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Monster Squad 2

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Monster Squad 2 is a sequel of adventure RPG Monster Squad. This sequel features a new world map, 63 enemy sets, 6 unique characters and over 300 items, spells, equipments, commands, servants, and special attacks!

Use your mouse only, see in-game instructions, single click to select item/spell/equipment, double click to use item/spell/equipment.

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Hmm, interface isn't the easiest to understand, and it seems like you can actually attack your teammates rather than the enemy? I did that by mistake before realizing you don't choose who attacks but rather who TO attack when the interface disappears like that. Would be good with more feedback when you click something, effects that show what a certain action will do etc, like you'd see on most RPGs like this. The game itself isn't bad, but could use some polishing!


Kinda boring honestly. There's no strategy in this game, it only has RPG Basics, nothing advanced, and is pretty typical to 2006 style RPG games. My start off character SUCKS compared to the other 2 guys I find to fight along side me real fast, which is kinda dumb, and the Enemy's health is OPed so freakin' much that it's a bit bullcrap. Their attack speeds are so slow they can't even hit me either. So it's practically pointless to really play this for longer than 5 minutes.