One Piece of What

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Its the last straw.

Youtube verison check it!

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This is funny

One piece is my current favorite anime, and this made it 5x better!

im hard


I have never seen a more "jingling keys in face" approach to a parody before. No wait, I have, from the likes of Oney and oh, Spazkid is part of this collab. How perfect. Now I see who was the prevailing voice in writing this unwatchable pigshit.

Another factor that made this completely unwatchable is the shitty, low framerate animation that puts MS Paint to shame, with two animators behind it no less. You gave so little a shit about this that the characters are even missing fingers, like in a budgeted cartoon from Hannah Barbera, only they were competent, because they could at least maintain proportions between jump cuts. The most obvious example of this basic failure would be when Sanji exits the kitchen with those drinks, they inexplicably shrink to the width of straws. That blatant level of oversight is offensively incompetent.

I cannot contest that any love or passion went into this project whatsoever. It is clearly a cynical cash grab off the coat tails of a show that happens to be popular and nothing else. It reads like a parody as written by someone who's never seen the source material before and made assumptions based off the cliff notes read off to him.

None of the jokes were clever, their delivery was terrible, the pacing was suffocating and the animation was atrocious.

The only reason this parody did as well was purely due to the brand recognition of Spazkid and RicePirate. If you had made and uploaded this entirely on your own, it would have been shoved aside for something transparently better.

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4.20 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2014
4:09 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody