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Fort Fight

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Instructions on how to restart when you die. Skip intro link & instruction. Sorry we forgot these in the haste, this is a po4 contest nominee you know.

If you wanna skip the intro click escape or space.
When you die respawn by pressing escape

HTML5 game, please don't try to play it in an outdated browser!
(Chrome works best)
Become a part of the story. Side scrolling plane shooter with extras. Control the plane like in a simulator.

Up and Down keys: tilt plane up or down
Left and Right keys: barrel roll/ inverse controls
Ctrl or Space: Shoot
Shift: Boost (When unlocked)
Escape: Restart level

keep in mind, this game is made for fun and it was made in a short amount of time, but we did our best. Come with the reviews, let us know what we did wrong and what you like!

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First of all, the intro to the menu was pretty good looking. The introductory cutscene was damn funny. (Haven't seen any others because I've not gotten past the first level yet, but I've only tried a couple times.) Music was very nice and fitting. The controls were… decent. I have no gripe with the placement of them, I actually like the idea of basing it on real flight controls, including the aileron roll (not a barrel roll ;D) to invert the controls. Was able to pull off figure-8s even using that. XD

My griping is more with the responsiveness of said controls. They're too sensitive. I get that this game was made in a bit of a haste, but the thing turns too fast too fast. Yes, I mean exactly what I just typed. It probably would've been better for the anglular change to accelerate from zero to what the speed is in the game, rather than instantly turn. It's not too big an issue though. Overall, the controls, while sort of counter-intuitive, are decent. (I cannot fucking stand these reviews that say "omg horrible controls 0/10" "unplayable broken controls u suck" "up is down an down is up? wtf 0." It's like all they did was hit play and gave up the first time, didn't even bother to try to learn it. There's an instruction selection for a reason.)

The weapons were decent. There was no need for anyone to complain about the "slow gun" because you could fire it like semi-auto, as fast as you can press the spacebar. I personally think bombs would've been a great addition to the weapon selection. Nothing else really there for me to talk about.

In fact, there's nothing else I can really get on about on this game, having only played the first level. As far as I've played, it's smooth, controls are decent and are really responsive, your arsenal isn't terribly limited, and the one cutscene I watched was funny. Pretty good for a hasty game. :)

Potatoman responds:

Thank you for all the insight man! I wish I had responded to this earlier! I will definitely keep your review in mind with my future games. <3

Doesn't meet standards at all, the space it allows you to fly is so limited in addition to the sensitivity of the controls such that you don't even get the feeling you are in a plane.

Don't know why the rating is so low. While the game is quite short, it was fun while it lasted. Maybe some more updates, different weapons for your plane and more/different enemies next time.

As it stands right now, it's solid with some room for improvement.

If you dont know, This is how you move a plane in real life. Due i give 4 stars since gives the realistic simulator.

not really good at all,
1,5 Stars for the intro

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2014
8:13 PM EDT

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