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We did a cool shmup so you don't have to.

A Kayabros & Amon26 project.

Wanna support us? Buy the downloadable version (for Windows, Mac & Linux) and the soundtrack of the game for 2 dollars. We appreciate it! http://kayabros.itch.io/bloodspace

You can also get the font of the game, and the posters for free on the same site.

Programming: Talha Kaya

Art, Sfx: Amon Twentysix

Music: Erdo─čan Cem Evin

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Too easy to beat. You need more music tracks. Not worth 2 bucks even with a soundtrack and poster. No offense but the rush to merchandise something with only 1 song, 1 level and only 3 enemy types seems a bit premature. Focus on creating a setting instead of using speedlines and fog. Create a reason for the hero to be there before you create a cult of personality around them. You have a cool art style but it's not R-Type.

The bomb types are an original concept but why not create a level up system around boss kills for your gun? Keep the powerups the same but every time a boss pill appears let the player choose between spread, homing and power. How about making some new baddies that steal power ups, or even some that represent them like green armored dudes or white shotgun dudes or blue ice dudes? Why not make some mutated style enemies based on old 80s death metal album art?

I liked the fact that you could activate it after 3 powerups but why not create a saving system where 3 is the minimum, but 9 is the maximum? That way you could blast them that much harder. Why not create a circle of protection overlay for the shields so you have a more gothic magic feel?

This might seem like im slamming you but you have killer potential. The code is tight and the art is solid, you just need more content to make this a 5 star game.

talhakaya responds:

Hi ZeroMessiah,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll keep these in mind. I agree that this was a little bit rushed. It's because I have multiple projects running at the same time. So I agree with most of what you're saying.

I updated the game with a super hard mode that you can try, then I'm sure you won't think the game is too easy :)

Thanks a lot

looks ok, but I expect more from a Unity game. Gameplay is addicting enough though and I think overall it' pretty good.

Liked the retro arcade sounding music too.

Nice visuals and sound, just wondering how the pick-ups work.

No extra lives, so you better be careful.

The game play and controls were good, and the use of mixing and matching the collectables was very entertaining. The problem though, is that art wise, this game is hideous. The way that the menu changes is more annoying than anything else, the fact that the entire screen does that "thing" every time you kill an enemy is both distracting and annoying, and the background quickly becomes boring. The base idea of this game has a lot of potential, and feels like it could be a fun game, but with the way that it currently looks, I don't find this game even playable.

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2014
4:43 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight